Wipe clean swab manufacturer analysis stick materials

by:Cleanmo      2020-05-13
People often confuse swab to wipe the stick with HUBY, but in fact this has essential difference, clean cotton swabs and cotton swab head material is cotton, unable to handle clean washing, and in the process of cleaning, are likely to be erased crumbs. Swabs is one of the industrial use wipe fiber material, mostly used in the industries of electronics, semiconductor, cracks, plane of the horn side wipe ( Have they called it, cotton swabs, purified cotton swabs, anti-static cotton swabs, sponge stick, etc. ) , the same kind of product brands are: the United States of its kinds according to the application domain can be divided into, electronics, photoelectricity, swabs, health, beauty, swabs, household use swabs. As well as other industrial areas, its material, shape variety, can adapt to a variety of solvents to wipe. Swabs head material divided into sponge head and made two, were all treated with clean and in clean indoor purification packaging, so the high grade clean environment, the wipes consumables is bound to achieve best level above, the only wash cloth and wipe the stick can conform to the requirements, and wipe paper and cotton swabs, only can be used in ordinary circumstances to wipe the product. If swabs from material to distinguish, we can make it more detailed and specific, head of the material is not only more than two kinds, seen on market at present there are 1. Head, 2. Sponge head, 3. Non-woven head, 4. Head of PVA. 1. Fabric: according to the fabric and its different use function, performance, fabric also can be divided into the following kinds: A knitted nylon fabric ( Super wear-resistant) B: knitting superfine fiber ( Wipe the dust of subtle abrasion resistance) C: woven microfiber ( Professional for optical fiber to wipe) D: knitting polyester ( Cloth is longitudinally striate, aperture is deeper, can accommodate more dirt) Clean cloth wipe the stick above all can clean to level 100 in the high-grade, suitable for use in electronic. 2. Sponge head: according to the density of sponge and flaky condition, and can have the following two A: opening PU sponge, 100 ppi ( PPI - - - - - - - PORE PER INCH, refers to the number of holes PER INCH, the more the number, the sponge is exquisite, is less likely to drop crumbs) The sponge density lower, chip off easily, but the water absorption speed, suitable for medical use; B: opening PU sponge, 400 - 500 ppi, high density sponge than 100 ppi, are less likely to drop crumbs, dust-free high grade, suitable for use in electronic. 3. Non-woven head: ( Level is low, but the processing difficulty is relatively small, the price is cheaper) 。 4. PVA head: ( Super water absorbing capacity, high cleanliness, high prices) 。
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