With medical swabs ear cleaning is good

by:Cleanmo      2020-04-25
Many people used to use medical swabs to ear cleaning, thought it can achieve the purpose of clean out their ears, in the shenzhen swab manufacturer to remind you that don't use cotton swabs to ear cleaning, this is not good for the ears. Strictly speaking, is not to own ear cleaning. Although do not recommend yourself frequently to ear cleaning, but because of ear cicada & throughout; Generate speed is faster, especially the oil glands secrete exuberant, commonly known as the ear. Generated faster and dedicated to the hospital too troublesome of the amount of ears, also not too realistic. So can pay our ears, but should do the following two points: 1, the best cotton swab, gently turn in the external auditory canal, and then its ears, cerumen can come out; Try to do it without nails, iron and other sharp objects out of ear. Form 2, don't dig ear habits and frequent use of medical cotton swabs dig ears, general should be about once a week; But in dusty places or people with oil ear can be appropriately shorter, can according to their own situation to master. If don't pay the ear for a long time, may have formed cerumen embolism, at this time, out yourself it is hard to come, should be to go to the hospital with special equipment, insist on the ear drops out with 2 - ear drops - - - - - - 3 days to prevent infection. In general, earwax without artificial cleared, it will talk, eat, yawning, with the jaw movement, with the aid of the promoting function of the skin hair, automatically expelled. Shenzhen swab manufacturer said, often ear cleaning is harmful to health, specific displays in: 1, because often irritate the outer skin, make skin ecchymosis, cause ear wax secretion increased, accumulation is serious. In other words, er shi to pay more and more. 2, chronic inflammation often occurs the q-tip to stimulate the eardrum, tympanic membrane redness, thickening, external auditory canal will be out of a small amount of pus. 3, easy to damage the outer skin. Tao ears if hard or earwax is more, easy to scratch, skin bacteria will take into the wound infection. Or because of the scratch scratch back and forth, the bacteria in the hair follicles, sebaceous glands, cause inflammation, flowing water, severe external auditory canal furuncle swollen.
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