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Bill Validator Cleaning Card Grid Style Series Flocked Cleaning Card

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One box includes 25 Pre-saturated Cleaning Cards
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BVCC-65185FD/ BVCC-73185FD/ BVCC-85185FD/ BVCC-73160FD
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Our magnetically encoded Bill Validator Cleaning Cards work in all bill validators and readers regardless of manufacturer or model. These cleaning cards provide a one-step, on-the-spot solution to nearly all maintenance problems. They remove deposits dirty bills leave on read heads and rollers, and keep money flowing through your bill validators, readers, and currency handling equipment. These presaturated, disposable cleaning cards are designed to safely and effectively remove all dirt, magnetic oxides and other contaminants from all types of concealed magnetic heads, photo and optic sensors on all types of reader mechanisms.


Packing available in individual Pouch or Bulk Pack

Few Sizes Configuration are available to suit currency

Dry or Presaturated Cleaning Cards are available to meet Customer’s need

Bill Acceptor/Validator Grid Style Flocked Cleaning Card---------Dry Card 50 Cleaning Card per Box in Bulk Pack

   - BVCC-63152FD-D:Bill Acceptor/Validator Dry Cleaning Card 63 x 152mm

   - BVCC-63185FD-D:Bill Acceptor/Validator Dry Cleaning Card 65 x 185mm

   - BVCC-73185FD-D:Bill Acceptor/Validator Dry Cleaning Card 73 x 185 mm

   - BVCC-85185FD-D:Bill Acceptor/Validator Dry Cleaning Card 85 x 185 mm

Bill Acceptor/Validator Presaturated Grid Style Flocked Cleaning Cards 25 Cleaning Cards per Box in Individual Pouch

  - BVCC-63152FD:Bill Acceptor/Validator presaturated cleaning card 63 x 152 mm

  - BVCC-63185FD:Bill Acceptor/Validator presaturated cleaning card 65 x 185 mm

  - BVCC-73185FD:Bill Acceptor/Validator presaturated cleaning card 73 x 185 mm

  - BVCC-85185FD:Bill Acceptor/Validator presaturated cleaning card 85 x 185 mm


Package ContentsItem Includes:
25 Pre-saturated Cleaning Cards


Dollar bill readers,Validators,Change machines,Currency counters,Vending machines,Gaming and slot machines,Autocashiers

Product Type

Cleaning Cards

Manufacturer Part Number

BVCC Grid Style Series

Packaged Quantity



Shenzhen Cleanmo Technology Co.,Ltd.

Brand Name

Neutral Packing

Product Sizes

Cleaning Card - 65*152mm,65*185mm,


❈ Technical Details

Notice how much dirt is removed from this validator, and it’s only been 2 weeks since its last cleaning! 

Part 1
 Open pouch and remove the Dollar Bill Reader Cleaning Card.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
Part 2
Insert the cleaning card into your bill acceptor with the black strip entering first. The card will be accepted by the bill acceptor and then rejected. Repeat this process for a total of 3 times. This will effectively loosen any caked-on dirt.

Part 3
 Insert the card as you did in step 2, but this time once the card is half way in, hold onto the card for a second and then release. This will cause the belts and rollers to momentarily spin on top of the card to remove the loosened dirt. Repeat this process for a total of 3 times.
Part 4
 Allow the cleaning card to dry, and insert the dry card into your bill acceptor 3 times to dry any moistureleft by the cleaning process.                                                                                                                                                         

Note:   If after completing step 3 the card is completely soiled, repeat the entire process with a new card. We recommend performing this maintenance every 2 weeks, but this time frame may need to be changed depending on your machine’s usage. 

❈ Packing


Packing material:Paper Box
Packing details:25 Pre-saturated Cleaning Cards

❈ Product Application

Product Application

- This kit can be used with Dollar bill readers, Validators, Change machines, Currency counters, Video game machines, Vending machines, Gaming and slot machines, Autocashierss.

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