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Tony Esposito\'s unique white mask, nearly half
The century old shop is a spectacular mess.
It was scratched, notch, and sunken, and the large pieces were knocked off from the inside by the puc and the metal strips he installed on his eyes, these metal strips by cutting sticks, skates and themselves
The line on the tape is worn out.
Glass cloth was exposed at the mouth and nose.
The rivets creaked on the forehead, and the straps went through a plate he added to protect the back of the skull, almost powerless, losing most of the elasticity.
This wonderful hockey history looks like it\'s for target practice.
In 15 of the goalkeeper\'s 16 NHL seasons and a period of time on the international stage, it\'s almost true.
This is a 74-year-old Esposito mask all but 13 of his 985 NHL games (
Including the Stanley Cup playoffs)from 1968-
84, on the way to the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1988.
He cherishes it because it reminds the game that the boy he grew up in Sault Ste fell in love. Marie, Ontario.
Esposito put on the mask for the Chicago Blackhawks and achieved great success (then two words)
In the landmark 1972 Summit Series, the Canadian team and former Air Canada flight attendant David Britt
The league goalkeeper and himself
Last week, in the training room of the Montreal Forum, the face-shaping hockey nut Professor at Esposito called each other for the first time in nearly 50 years.
\"Thank you for saving my face,\" Esposito said . \" He is proud to say that he has never lost his teeth in hockey.
Britt said: \"Thank you for making the mask look so good.
\"Esposito arrived at the NHL with Air Canada Montreal at the end of November 1968 as an emergency call-
From Houston of the Central Hockey League
His luggage bag contains his broken brown mask, which has been hit since most of his college career in 1964 --
67 at the University of Michigan Tech, 1967-
Season 68 for Vancouver Canada (
Then the Western Hockey League)
The last time was Houston.
On 1968, Esposito played 13 games with the Canadian team.
69 was not protected in the 1969 season draft and claimed by the Blackhawks.
In Chicago, he quickly became one of the greatest goalkeepers in the NHL, a pioneer in butterfly style, and a template for a generation. In the 1969-
He won the League 70 season. 38)and shutouts (15);
He won the Calder Trophy, awarded the top rookie of the NHL, and won the Vezina Trophy, which was then awarded to the goalkeeper or goalkeeper whose team allowed a minimum of regular-season goals.
Esposito will achieve all his success behind an iconic white mask that he has been carefully looking after and revising.
But first, he needs to replace his college mask.
The 77-year-old Britt, who grew up in the north end of Montreal, is a good friend of Eddie Parak, who joined Canada in the late 1960 s, assistant to coach Larry \"red\" Obut change his mentor in time
Britt, who has Inventor curiosity, is often welcomed by Palchak.
He played league with Mark.
Andre Boden, a plaster sculptor who was working for the fledgling goalkeeper mask company founded by Canadian goalkeeper legend Jacques Plante, was developing glass fiber cloth and(
Plante promoted the use of the goalkeeper mask in the NHL, and for the first time in November put on the goalkeeper mask in the game.
1959 against the New York Rangers at Madison Square Garden.
This is a rough but practical mask made for him by Bill Burchmore, a salesman in Canada.
The other goalkeepers followed suit with facial protection in 1960 seconds. )
Beaudin believes Britt\'s connection through the airline could be mutually beneficial, so soon after a bucket of Paris plaster arrived at Britt\'s home, beaudin advised him to practice making molds.
\"I played with it for a while to determine the proportions of consistency, material and water,\" Britt said . \".
This is a complete advertisement.
But I would love to do it.
\"He did a mixed successful experiment on his own hands, and then heard Esposito from Palchak, a brand new product for Blackhawk to enter 1969 --
Come to Montreal for the pre-season 70 season and hope to get a new mask.
Britt had never shaped the face of the goalkeeper, but put Esposito on the table of the Forum, covered his eyes with a cotton swab, inserted a straw into the goalkeeper\'s nose and mouth, and he applied Vaseline to his face, then play coquetry on the plaster.
\"Tony may think I work for Plante\'s company, not the airline,\" Britt said with a smile . \".
But Eddie opened the door for me.
I told Tony he only needs to lie down for 20 minutes.
There is an ingredient that can cure this mixture, but it gets hot on the skin.
Well, Tony finally got up and the mold fell from his face to his hands.
The result was perfect.
They gave me a few towels and I put the mold in a plastic bag, packed it up and sent it to the fiber sport at Plante.
\"Beaudin then made the mask with Britt\'s mold and sent it to the forum where Esposito picked it up the next time he visited with Blackhawk.
For years, Britt has invested in Plante\'s company to create masks for several other NHL goalkeepers at the time.
At the beginning of 1970, when firosport had almost a monopoly on the mass market, the face of the goalkeeper changed dramatically
Producing fiberglass masks for commercial sales, the company is still customizing models for professionals from molds.
Esposito and Britt have not seen each other since the forum formation meeting in 1969;
In fact, it wasn\'t until last week when I called Esposito at his summer house in Wisconsin and handed the phone over to Britt in his living room on the outskirts of Montreal
Britt\'s son Lee, who happily bugged their conversation, as the goalkeeping custom product manager for ball hockey, offered cutting services to many elite goalkeepers in the NHL
Edge equipment including masks.
On February, I sat down in Tampa and Esposito to speak with him, carrying his signature mask, proudly taking it out of his shopping bag and starting to map its history.
He is a perfect guide as he puts his fingers on a mask that he says is not for sale, whether he gets thousands of dollars.
\"I added a piece in the back,\" he said that morning.
Rear panel have gap
\"I got hit on the back of my head a few times and I fell once and hit the back of my head, so I added.
\"What is missing now is an extension of what he has been wearing for a while, and while the rivets are still there, it has been erected on his forehead.
\"My forehead was scratched several times, which would shift the direction of the puck,\" Esposito said . \".
He said he cheated by filing a larger hole in the eye than the one made by Boden, which led to almost catastrophic ice hockey and stick attacks.
Esposito pointed out that a large mask was lost at the top of the left eye hole and was shot off by Canadian striker guy Lafler.
The missile and other vulcanization rubber missiles prompted him to take out the hacksaw in 1976 and install a cage on his eyes, bending with pliers.
In order to urgently repair the mixed mask he developed, he always carries a spare cage in the road equipment.
Esposito is the only NHL goalkeeper who mixes fiberglass with cage masks.
For several years, the early version of goalkeeper uniform wear today has been quietly favored: A cage is fixed on a traditional plastic helmet with a popular style of Soviet goalkeeper Vladimir Slavic tretiac
\"But I don\'t like them because you have blind spots,\" Esposito said . \" He explained why he chose to stick to Beaudin-
He\'s been wearing a Britt model for so long.
\"Today\'s mask is well protected, but there is no vision under you.
The way I made it with a glass cloth and resin made it very durable.
Still strong today.
Esposito pointed out that the glass cloth exposed in the mouth.
\"This is the full force;
\"It\'s not a short blow,\" he said . \"
\"The concussion of the shooting will push your bones to your face and cut you open.
I had a few stitches on my eyebrows, a few stitches on the side of my head, and a few stitches around my chin and eyes.
\"But they are cut straight, not jagged.
It will tear you apart when you are not cut with a mask, so you will have terrible scars.
I\'m fine, the stitches are healed.
\"With that, Esposito\'s smile spread as he held the mask, which he thought was an extension of his hockey life, even part of his face.
\"In addition, I have Italian skin,\" he said with a smile . \".
\"Your wrinkles are not as old as you are.
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