What should I pay attention to when using a disposable oral swab?

by:Cleanmo      2022-10-05

It is introduced that when using oral swabs, you should pay attention to the packaging marks, and check whether the packaging is damaged. If it is damaged, it is strictly prohibited to use it.

This sampling method is suitable for DNA sample collection of people of any age.

Step 1: Prepare a glass of water, drink about 50ml of water and rinse your mouth for about 10 seconds, then spit it out.

Step 2: Tear open the packaging bag, hold the handle of the sampling swab with your hand (be careful not to touch the sampling head with your hands and other items), put it into the side of the mouth (contact the inside of the left cheek), and then use the force of brushing your teeth to go up and down Rub (rub about 40-50 times).

Step 3: Use the same method to take a second oral swab and insert it into the other side of the oral cavity for sampling.

Step 4: Put the oral swab after sampling in a clean and ventilated place and dry it naturally in the shade. complete sampling

The proliferative epithelial cells in the lower layer of the oral cavity continuously move to the superficial layer, becoming a functional item, driving the function and replenishing the surface cells with regular exfoliation.

There were 4 swabs in total, corresponding to the upper left, lower left, upper right and lower right parts of the oral cavity respectively.

Collection location: the inner side of the mouth, the side wall, the intersection of the inner wall of the mouth and the gums.

Within half an hour before collecting oral mucosal cells, try not to drink caffeine-containing drinks, carbonated drinks or fruit juices, such as coffee, tea, cola, etc.

Open the package of the oral swab, do swallowing first, then put the swab into the mouth, scrape back and forth 15 times against the inner side of the right cheek, take out the swab, and stick a barcode on the hand-held part of the swab stick. Dry naturally for half an hour.

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