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by:Cleanmo      2020-03-14
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Q: How bad is it to stick a cotton swab in my ear?
We know, it feels so good to get in!
But the cotton swab is used outside the ear, not inside.
Sticking the wax too far away may push the eardrum deeper and may damage the eardrum.
A little wax is actually healthy.
It helps to protect your sensitive ear root canal.
If your ears feel really blocked, go to the doctor and the doctor will advise you to use ear drops at home or safely remove the blockage for you.
Copyright all health magazine 2011 the easiest and most effective way I have found: mix a small amount of warm water with the same amount of hydrogen peroxide and lie next to you.
If you\'re lucky enough to get help, let them pour some liquid until your ears are full. (
If you\'re alone, it\'s fine to pour it in your ears, but you might spill a few drops).
You will feel very itchy, but not very unpleasant.
After about 5 minutes, put the towel on the ear and then sit up when the liquid is discharged.
Section 2nd, same as section 1.
Just open the other side of you.
If this is the first time you \'ve tried this, you might want to clean two ears twice.
I find that if you pour some on the cotton ball and stuff it into your ears, you won\'t spill anything!
The peroxide will initially clean up the earwax, but my doctor warned me that the peroxide is actually too dry and your ears will compensate for the drying by producing more wax.
If you do use peroxide, then replenish the water with Vaseline or baby oil and \"seal\" the skin in your ears.
I\'m not sure about your situation, but my little finger doesn\'t fit my ear. . . Stax of Wax. . .
After using the method, you did not mention that the ears should be rinsed with warm water.
Your combination of water and peroxide is correct, because that\'s how she uses it when my doctor cleans my ears.
You can also use a product called Debrox recommended by your doctor.
After use, you can also rinse your ears with warm water.
The wax block you can take out is amazing.
As this article suggests, never plug anything into your ears, because you just plug the wax into the depths of your ears.
My husband had trouble doing this and had to go back to see a doctor several times before everything was over.
At a medical supply company, one can buy an ear syringe that looks like a double fountain dropper, which can push warm sterile water into the ear and eventually release the wax and roll it out.
In order not to hurt the delicate eardrum area, one must do so with care, which needs to be practiced with someone who is an expert in almost instantly affecting earwax removal, of course, you can do this yourself, once a month, to avoid hearing loss due to the affected wax.
I used a few drops of Debrox, wait about 10 minutes, and then take a hot bath, once a month, excessive earwax is a sign of a lack of essential fatty acids.
Take 1500 mg of epa dha fish oil every day and there should be no problem.
Can you provide a reference to support what you just posted?
It sounds weird to me.
Secretion gland activity of ear wax (
Activities of other secreted glands)
It has nothing to do with diet.
Mexican peppers are not included.
@ Medic, do you have any references to support the claim that your diet has no effect on endocrine glands?
I found that with Vicks Vaporub (
A mixture of camphor oil, eucalyptus oil and peppermint alcohol)
Remove earwax, kill fungi, and reduce tinnitis (ear ringing).
Later, when I took a bath, everything was washed and my ears were cleared.
I want to use it for my beard. why waste very good wax?
I do not agree with this article.
As long as you don\'t have a milkshake, you can safely remove the excess wax every week.
Twenty years ago, about 3 times a year, I had to go to the doctor and get rid of the excess wax that would disturb my hearing or cause pain because I stopped working.
After spending a year, the week after the last cleaning, and after the Sunday shower, I started using tips to safely remove the excess wax.
Since I do this every week, I have never had too many wax issues again.
I pushed it very slowly with great care, and sometimes I barely even touch the eardrum, but it never hurts anything when it happens.
I then stepped back and pushed the tip of the thread to the edge of the ear canal in a circular motion until I reached the end of the ear canal near the outer edge of the ear.
I always see some wax on the tip.
Seriously, I strongly believe that it is not safe to do so if you have already piled up a lot of wax.
As long as you do this from the week after the last doctor\'s cleaning, there is not enough wax to cause the eardrum to pile up.
You can remove all the wax without pushing any wax onto the eardrum.
I agree, I have washed my ears for decades.
Before that, my ENT doctor said I was just a wax man and I had to make an appointment for cleaning a lot and I also had chronic ear infections.
Now the doctors say how clean my ears are, but they still claim
The tip only pushes the wax deep.
I pull out the wax every day, they are clean and I have no ear infection.
Occasionally, I can get from q-
Hint, it\'s gone.
Spin the hint, more than you push in, to avoid pushing earwax into your ears.
\"We know, it feels so good to get in!
But the cotton swab is used outside the ear, not inside.
\"Yes, that\'s why they are designed to fit your ears.
If you want gunk from outside your ears, you can use a rag.
I went to the doctor once and he looked at my ears blocked by wax and asked me why I never cleaned them up.
This is really a confusing legal issue.
The cotton box always tells you not to put them in your ears and the doctor always says to clean your ears.
I can see that though, if you pack the wax collective to the back quadrant, it\'s not very comfortable.
If you really want to remove earwax, there is a product in the pharmacy called E. R.
O I have been using it for years and it works very well.
Yu put a few drops of wax remover in your ear for a few minutes, then rinse it out with a bulb syringe filled with Luke\'s warm water.
It will not take more than 5 minutes in total. try it ! ! ! ! !
It\'s basically similar to making a hydrogen peroxide/water mixture for your ears, but they usually add a little bit of glycerin to make it thick.
I was surprised that there was no mention of the difference between wet earwax and dry earwax.
Maybe those with dry ear shit have more problems than those with wet ear shit.
Dry earwax may be more compact, or will not naturally want to flow out of the ear canal as if wet earwax were only washed through the shower (? ).
The design of Qtips is small enough to fit in the ear, although there is a warning that \"you will damage your eardrum\" and most people use them well every day, to ensure that their ear canal remains unblocked without hitting them through the eardrum.
Gentle Daily use keeps the ear canal open.
You obviously won\'t push them onto the eardrum to use them-you shouldn\'t do that if it hurts you! (
Looks intuitive but maybe some people are just stupid)
Maybe those who tell people that they need to go to the doctor to deal with ear wax, or that you have to buy expensive drugs/products, not just the ulterior motives of bathing/Flushing well with qtips and drying the ear root tube (to make money).
This is not a must for thousands of years.
Why today?
Strictly speaking, my opinion, but I said to use q-
Give yourself some advice to help your child until they are big enough to do it safely on their own.
Seniors may also need help because it is difficult for them to stay stable or to put their arms/hands in a safe place.
The rest are extra steps and fees unless you don\'t keep your ears clean as part of your daily hygiene (
This usually includes qtips for your ears).
Wet towels are usually good enough.
I do use a cotton swab but only on the edge of the inside and never just poke a cotton swab.
As for piercing the eardrum, the only way to have this risk is if you move your arm hard or someone hits it.
The eardrum is hard and it won\'t hurt to touch it.
The eardrum has only a few layers of tissue.
It\'s not hard at all.
Sorry, but for many of us, the end of an article like this is a suggestion for another era.
In this country, in such an economic environment, a casual suggestion of \"seeing a doctor\" has a smug and casual ring.
In Las Vegas, they have shut down hundreds of pts.
From the only non
Private paid cancer treatment centers, many unemployed people are now dying from incurable cancer due to the lack of chemotherapy and radiotherapy programs.
But hey, if your ears are really blocked. . .
\"See a doctor.
When you are eating cake.
\"If there is any value here, find it in the proposal for posters that have developed viable self-methodscare.
Do people actually poke their ears with q? tips?
All you have to do is gently put q-
At the tip of your ear, rotate it as you go deep into the ear canal (
Obviously not too deep)
Then rotate on your way out. Viola. . . . clean ears!
I do this every day, especially after the shower, helping me get the water out of my ears! Ummmm. . . . . .
The viola is an instrument larger than the violin and smaller than the cello.
Maybe you mean, \"look?
You speak French.
\"Yes, people use q every year-
The sound in the ear.
For the record, Ear Syringes, water/olive oil/hydrogen peroxide methods are all very cheap (
Initial cash expenditure for Synringes, initial cash expenditure for oil/peroxide is very small)
More effective than q-tips.
They are also safer. Q-concept
Tips for cleaning the outside of the ear are just pure hog feet.
The manufacturer simply prints this nonsense on the packaging to protect itself from responsibility.
To my surprise, this \"lawyer lunch\" has completely lived its own life, and some doctors are now imitating the myth as if it was true.
I agree with Martin 100%. Q-
Tips, or even eardrum, can also be used in the ear root tube, as long as you are skilled and careful not to act in a hurry.
Let me put it another way: a large number of people in the United States still don\'t believe in evolution, and you believe that these mentally middle-aged people can safely use q-tips?
I have had too many ear infections since I was a child, because every time I take a shower, I don\'t blow my ears dry, I will all wet dry with 91% alcohol plus not much ear wax as I use hearing aids in your diet plan. However, this is actually common among those trying to find real low fat.
Despite some fatigue. . .
I was surprised by the ear wax removal that no one suggested using pet frogs with long tongue to clean up the ear wax.
Is it totally worth a try?
It was a great and fun response!
Sorry, my ears have been itchy for the past 40 years.
I have used a cotton swab and have never had a problem.
The cause of the problem is not to go in and clean the ears.
Oh, by the way, I hear very well, I play the long sign on the perfect court.
Have anyone tried ear candles?
These are not invasive, do not hurt, clean up the wax.
All you need is someone to do it for you so they can monitor the flame for your safety.
This is a scam.
They don\'t work, and several TV shows and youtube videos counter that.
Not to mention it\'s dangerous to ignite something stuck in your ears.
There\'s nothing more irritating than someone else telling me what to put in my ears.
One more thing is worse: people insist that I use a soft toothbrush.
I\'m 53 years old. this is my business. . . . .
It\'s enough to stop all these things!
Until the part of the bristles, you have me.
Hard hair can cause the gums to shrink.
I wonder if it\'s worth it for you.
I heard that false teeth are exploding.
I use a cotton swab in my ear root tube every day.
I was taught to do it properly for safety when I was very young.
Go in and out to rotate, support around your ears with your fingers, carefully measure the depth, don\'t do this when someone walks around, because someone will hit your elbow, and most importantly, use your feelings.
If you walk slowly, you can tell when you will hit your eardrum and you can stop.
The fibers at the tip of the cotton swab almost always brush my eardrum.
Although it does not hurt, the sound is very loud.
My eardrum feels a bit painful, but my eardrum has never been perforated.
You step back, be careful. that\'s it.
Do it after the shower, so that the earwax is soft and humid, rotating so that it does not cling to the eardrum and does not have to worry about 100% cleaning, as some earwax is good and necessary for ear health.
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