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99.9% Alcohol Isopropyl IPA Solution Filled Sponge Foam Tip Cleaning SNAP Swabs

99.9% Alcohol Isopropyl IPA Solution Filled Sponge Foam Tip Cleaning SNAP Swabs


Product description:
The head of IPA alcohol wiper is made of 100PPI polyurethane open-hole sponge, solvent resistant. The head has strong wiping ability and the rod body is made of transparent PP material.
Made with IPA isopropyl alcohol stored in the body, gently squeeze the back end of PP rod. Due to the effect of IPA under air pressure, the solvent will overflow from the head and slowly penetrate into the sponge.
Soak through a sponge head to wipe dirt off an object.

Product use: Open the package, take out the cotton swab, squeeze the plastic rod, make the sponge head soak IPA. Hold the swab rod and wipe the product back and forth repeatedly

Color: clear and colorless liquid
Packing: 25 PCS/pack of 50 PCS/box of 5000 PCS/box
Size: Head width: 13mm Head thickness: 8.0mm Head length: 22mm
Rod width: 5.8mm Rod length: 87mm Total length: 109mm
Liquid content: about 1.4ml, alcohol concentration is 99.9%
Commodity material: head material imported sponge stem material polypropylene

Function: IPA can effectively clean the ink and glue remaining on the printing head by cleaning the wiping stick and the high-density sponge head water and other dirt, can achieve a good decontamination effect.

Commodity use: Used for cleaning the magnetic head of thermal printer. Printer nozzle, photo machine, hard disk, memory strip computer keyboard. Optical pool and magnetic head equipment, electronic components, thermal printers (punching machines, bar code printers, label printers and bill printers), inkjet printing

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