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Chlorhexidine/ CHG General Information

Chlorhexidine/ CHG General Information


Chlorhexidine/CHG is an antiseptic agent. This differs from an antibiotic which targets only specific classes of bacteria. Chlorhexidine would fall into a similar category of antiseptic agents such as bleach. Unlike bleach, chlorhexidine is safe to use on the skin and other bodily surfaces.

It has been used commercially for almost 60 years and is available in more than 60 medical products. It is commercially available for use in both a hospital environment and for public use. Cleanmo CHG Prep Swab Stick use Chlorhexidine add IPA, possesses the best effect to protect skin during surgical operation.

Hospitals use chlorhexidine/CHG Swab Stick as a key tool to protect patients against infections and prevent the spread of organisms like Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). It is used in different products related to skin care (patient preoperative scrubs or showers), hand hygiene (soaps), vascular access (catheter end caps, skin preps, dressings), ventilator oral care and urology. It is probable that if you or a loved one is admitted to the hospital, you or they will be treated with chlorhexidine/CHG.

Outside the hospital, there is frequent use of chlorhexidine/CHG Swab Stick in the vascular access products mentioned above. Vascular access procedures can increase the risk of infection because the natural barrier of the skin is not intact and chlorhexidine/CHG is used to protect against infection in this area. A chlorhexidine-treated PICC is available for outpatient vascular access to reduce microbial growth on the inside and outside of the PICC.

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