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Cleanmo 15th anniversary

Cleanmo 15th anniversary


Cleanmo 15th anniversary

---------Grateful for the 15th anniversary, building dreams and creating brilliance


Cleanmo company was founded on August 8, 2008, and it will be 15 years on August 8, 2023. On the occasion of the Spring Festival, we held the company's fifteenth anniversary celebration.

The first is the chairman's speech. He talked about how he has had countless emotions since the founding of the company. There are too many keywords for the 15th anniversary: dreams, success, goals, gratitude, challenges, brands... Since the founding of the company , we encountered many problems and difficulties. During this process, we old Cleanmo people persevered and were not afraid of difficulties. We were recognized by customers. The whole company came together as one and worked hard. He was very grateful to the employees for their dedication and pay! It also reviewed the opportunities and challenges encountered since starting the business, cooperation with major brands, visiting customers around the world, the formation of corporate culture, the establishment of the Philippine branch, the experience of traveling with the whole company, and the improvement of the company system. He said that the company has been established for 15 years, and its performance has continued to grow for 15 years. There must be genes for its growth here. As long as we have dreams and are down-to-earth, we will definitely achieve something. Come on, family members!


Through the chairman's review of the company's development over the past fifteen years, employees learned how the company has grown from small to large, step by step, and demonstrated cleanmo's vigorous development vitality.


As the chairman's speech ended, we began the program performance.


The program of the 15th anniversary celebration is very exciting and rich, including singing, dancing, sketches, magic, dubbing show, martial arts, guzheng, cucurbit flute, harmonica, poetry, imitation show, etc. There are also various mini games interspersed in the program. Every employee actively participated and received small gifts, as well as the most exciting lottery session, with a 100% winning rate! During the process, the chairman also drew a cash red envelope lottery to provide financial support for employees who went home for the New Year! After the annual meeting, everyone was given more gifts than they could handle! After all the performances were completed, the Best Group Program Award and the Best Single Program Award were selected through voting by all members.


At the end of the annual meeting, all employees took a group photo. At this memorable moment, I hope that in the joy of the anniversary, the company will be full of past glory and vision for the future, build glory again, and forge ahead. Thank you to every customer for your trust and support! Now, let us continue to work together to create a better future!

Brilliant Moment Among Anniversary!

Chairman's speech

Program--Quilt cover dance

Program--Listen to me sing

Program--A variety of bizarre TV programs show

Program--Featured Wushu-Southern Fist

Program--Cucurbit flute

Program--Tai ji kung fu fan

Program--Short person dance

Program--Harmonica & ocarina

Program--Speed rubik's cube



Program--Latin Dance

Program--Short act-cheat

Program--Short act-Internet test

Program--Dubbing show



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