Cleanroom Swabs

Cleanmo cleanroom swabs have Foam head ,polyester head and microfiber head which are all free from organic contaminants such as silicone ,amide or DOP . Washed by EDI pure water for 3 times to ensure low non-volatile residue,low in both particles and ion content.

The polypropylene handle is made with new materials without rough edges for a smoother surface. And compact and will not contribute to particulate or organic contamination.Complete thermal bond construction eliminates adhesive contamination.Laundered and packed under an ISO Class 5 Cleanroom.

The foam Anti-static cleanroom swabs are constructed from compressed 100 pore per inch polyurethane foam.supported by the flexible paddle .The pointed ,non-abrasive foam head is designed for cleaning small ,slotted areas .

The Polyester Anti-static Cleanroom Swabs are ideal for cleaning precision electronics and removing particulates and residues from head-to-reach areas.

 The Microfiber Anti-static Cleanroom Swabs with non-abrasive soft tip will not scracth the surface of senstive components such as lenses,optical devices.

The TOC validation cleaning swab is a fast and effective analytical technique for cleaning validation in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

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