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Materials And Application Of Cleanroom Sticky Mat

Materials And Application Of Cleanroom Sticky Mat


Cleanroom sticky mat, also known as cleanroom adhesive mat or cleanroom tacky mat, are specialized mats designed to remove dirt and debris from the soles of shoes or wheels. They consist of multiple layers of thin adhesive sheets that effectively trap particles upon contact. These mats are typically placed at entry points to cleanrooms or other controlled environments, serving as a first line of defense against contamination.

The principle behind cleanroom sticky mats is simple yet effective. As individuals step on the mat, the adhesive surface grabs onto any loose particles present on their footwear or wheels. With each step taken, these contaminants adhere to the mat instead of being transferred further into the clean area.

These mats come in various sizes and colors to suit different applications and aesthetic preferences. The number of adhesive layers can vary as well, with higher layer counts offering extended usage before needing replacement. Some versions even feature numbered tabs that allow for easy monitoring and removal when one layer becomes too saturated with debris.

The Material Of Cleanroom Sticky Mat

The material composition of the sticky floor mat is low-density polyethylene material and water-soluble acrylic. Generally, it is composed of PE film and viscose fiber.

Adhesive layer pads usually consist of 1 layer of non-adhesive PE protective film, 29 layers of single-sided PE film, 1 layer of double-sided PE film and 1 layer of PE surface protection bottom film.

The Applications Of Cleanroom Sticky Mat

(1) From an industry perspective, sticky mats can be used in various industries with high environmental requirements, such as microelectronics, semiconductors, biopharmaceuticals, life sciences, precision machinery manufacturing, automobiles, food, hospitals, laboratories, etc. wait.

(2) As far as the application field is concerned, the sticky dust mat is mainly used for the entrance and exit of clean areas such as personnel passages, production material passages, changing rooms, air showers, cargo showers, and car paint rooms. Entrance, entry and exit, etc. of the operating room infectious disease area of the hospital

(3) We recommend using sticky pads in areas such as entrances, passageways, changing rooms and other clean areas of class 10,000 and above. When there are many people, goods and vehicles entering and leaving, the clean area below the 10,000 level should also be used.

Cleanmo Cleanroom sticky mats

Suggestions To Buy Cleanroom Sticky Mat

(1) Choose the color according to the surrounding environment such as the dressing room, air shower room, aisle, etc., usually blue.

(2) Determine the size of the sticky pad according to the size of the channel. Standard Sizes: 18”×45”, 24”×36”, 26”×45”.

(3) Choose the appropriate viscosity according to the material and texture of the work shoes.

(4) Select the number of layers according to the replacement frequency, usually 30 layers.

Requirements For Using Cleanroom Sticky Mat

(1) Before laying, please make sure the ground is clean, dry and level.

(2) When laying, the protective bottom film should be removed to make the back stick to the ground, and the pressure should be flattened to eliminate air and ensure sufficient contact.

(3) Remove the dust on the PE film in time.


Cleanroom sticky mats are an essential tool for maintaining cleanliness and preventing contamination in controlled environments. These mats effectively trap dirt, dust, and other particles from shoes and wheels before they enter sensitive areas. By using cleanroom sticky mats, you can significantly reduce the risk of cross-contamination and protect your valuable products or experiments.

When choosing a cleanroom sticky mat, consider factors such as size, number of layers, adhesive strength, and durability to ensure it meets your specific needs. It's also crucial to regularly monitor and replace the mat when it becomes saturated with debris.

To purchase high-quality cleanroom sticky mats, consider reputable suppliers that specialize in cleanroom equipment. Look for companies that offer a range of sizes and options to suit different applications. Cleanmo is a professional cleanroom sticky mat manufacturer and also provides cleanroom swabs, cleanroom wipes, cleaning cards, etc. Welcome to contct us!

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