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The Material of Cleanroom Wipers

The Material of Cleanroom Wipers


Cleanroom paper / Cleanroom wiper is the most common consumable material in the purification industry. It is usually designed and manufactured from cleaning materials and used for dust-free product scrubbing or other controlled environments. Cleanroom paper is generally in a controlled dust-free environment. (clean room) Manufactured and processed in such a way that its products have been treated with the lowest levels of dust generation and chemicals, and with the lowest degree of microbial contamination.

The material of the dust-free fabric is natural fiber and/or synthetic. Cleanroom fabrics can be produced from one or more different blends of fibers. Most natural fibers are cotton and cellulose, and the ones used for dust-free synthetics are mainly polyester, nylon, rayon and polypropylene.


Our cleanroom wipes can be divided into the following 4 series:

1000 series-polyester wipe

1000 Series wipe have the best abrasion Chemical resistant and the fiber is thicker not easy to break, less particle, so can wash more times to reach high cleanliness, so the fiber of 140g is thicker than 120g, as we know the cleanliness is depend on the how many times washed. 120g is more widely used in Southeast Asian countries and is mostly used for hard drives. And many customer will use the wipe with IPA to reach better cleaning effect.

SW-1004D-140/SW-1006D-140/SW-1009D-140:140gsm Class 100 100% Polyester Cleanroom Wipes

SW-1004D-120/SW-1006D-120/SW-1009D-120:120gsm Class 1000  100% Polyester Cleanroom Wipes

SW-1004D-120B/SW-1006D-120B/SW-1009D-120B:115gsm Class 1000 100% Polyester Cleanroom Wipes


2000 series-Microfiber wipe

2000 Series microfiber wipe have more thinner fiber and softer than 1000 series , so more suitable for cleaning the most sensitive and critical cleaning applications. such as the Optical & Lenses industry,glass and all kinds of screen , Polishing Stainless Steel Surface, can also use with IPA. Regarding the cutting method, most is Laser cutting, because Ultrasonic Seal Edge have high price  and low production capacity.

SW-2004-180/SW-2006-180/SW-2009-180: 180gsm Class 100 80% Polyester 20% Nylon Cleanroom Microfiber Wipes


3000 series-Microfiber wipe

3000 Series microfiber wipe which material is same as 1000 series but the thickness of the fiber is between 1000series and 2000 series.

SW-3004-110/SW-3006-110/SW-3009-110: 110gsm Class 100 100% Polyester Cleanroom Microfiber Wipes

SW-3004-110B/SW-3006-110B/SW-3009-110B:105gsm Class 1000 100% Polyester Cleanroom Microfiber Wipes

SW-3009-110C: 100gsm Class 1000 100% Polyester Cleanroom Microfiber Wipes


600 series-Non-woven wipe

600 Series non woven wipe also called cleanroom paper because it feels like paper, so it can not be washed to reach higher cleanliness.

The absorbency is depend on the gram weight, weight higher, the absorbency higher, so more often use with Solvents.

SW-0609-60: 60gsm Class 10000 Cleanroom Nonwoven Wipers

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