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The Role Of Sticky Mats

The Role Of Sticky Mats


Sticky mats are one of the daily consumables in the cleanroom and have the following functions.

1. The sticky mat can effectively prevent pollutants and particles from entering the demanding working environment due to the flow of personnel, and keep the working environment clean.

2. It is mainly stuck at the entrance of the clean room or the buffer zone, which can effectively clean and remove the dust pollution on the soles and heels (or wheels).

3. Minimize the impact of dust on the quality of the purified environment, so as to achieve the effect of simple dust removal, solve the problem of incomplete dust removal of other floor mats, and cannot ensure that the dust does not spread.

What is the application field of sticky mat?

1. From an industry perspective, sticky mats can be used in various industries with high environmental requirements, such as microelectronics, semiconductors, biopharmaceuticals, life sciences, precision machinery manufacturing, automobiles, food, hospitals, laboratories, etc. 

2. As far as the application field is concerned, the sticky dust mat is mainly used for the entrance and exit of clean areas such as personnel passages, production material passages, changing rooms, air showers, cargo showers, and car paint rooms. The entrance and exit of infectious disease area in the operating room of the hospital, etc.

3. We recommend using sticky mats in areas such as entrances, passageways, changing rooms and other clean areas of class 10,000 and above. When there are many people, goods and vehicles entering and leaving, the clean area below the 10,000 level should also be used.

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