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To Use Sticky Mats and Rollers for Anti-static of Electrical Equipments

To Use Sticky Mats and Rollers for Anti-static of Electrical Equipments


All tools and equipment required carefully selected, inspection tools to meet the requirements of electrical equipments’s safe and reliable performance so that easy to operate and maintain.The leads must be bent in order to eliminate the winding from the printed circuit board and the thermal expansion coefficient mismatch stress generated. So, pay attention to the following questions of leads forming. 

1.It is better to use special tools and equipments for the components of leads bend forming. You should use the toll in the start to bend away from the terminal at a certain distance from the sealing section of wire and fix it in hand formable. Then to make the active side of the wire be bent. It is not suggested to close the body bent wire components, so as not to crack or damage the body. 

2.The minimum inner radius of leads bending components should confirm to the requirement of using sticky mats and sticky roller. The relationship between lead wire bending radius and diameter is that bend radius is too small so that may cause surface cracks. The curvature of the general should be controlled in the range of 45~90. 

3.After the forming of leaded wire ,the root of components straight leaded wire should be bended radius and line inside of the overhang. The bending part far away from the body or lead solder joints must be located no less than 2 times the wire diameter or 0.75mm,which is the greater. The Yuan Qinjian lead diameter is greater than1.3mm which can not be bended. However the tempering wire diameter is less than 1.3mm which can not bended in principle.

4.After lead forming, if there are obvious nicks or deformation exceeding 10% of the diameter will be regarded as unqualified. Therefore, electrical components can not be installed.

5.In the process of component lead forming should not damage the sealing components and use sticky mat and sticky roller ,nor should not the internal components disconnected. After forming,the leaded center spacing should be matched with the mounting hole and hole distance. 

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