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What are Cleanmo foam swabs made of?

What are Cleanmo foam swabs made of?


Cleanmo foam swabs are produced in the Cleanroom, the foam head is imported from Japan which is 100% compressed polyurethane foam, the handle is made of PP fresh materials.


Swabs washed 3-4 times in EDI pure water and packed under an ISO 5 (clsss100)Cleanroom.

After sealed packed, swabs can be stored for 2 years in the cool environment.


Cleanmo swabs Other suppliers
Imported Foam Material Domestic Material 
Fresh Materials of the HandleRenewable Material
Produce in CleanroomProduce in ordinary work shop

Washed by EDI pure water

Washed by tape water or no washing

Can store for 2 years 

Several months and less than one year

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