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What is a lint free cleanroom swab and what does it do?

What is a lint free cleanroom swab and what does it do?


What is a lint free cleanroom swab and what does it do?

Lint free swabs, also known as cleanroom swabs, dust-free wiping sticks, and dust-free swabs belong to the dust-free and anti-static industry.

But now, with the development of society and people's emphasis on safety and hygiene, lint free cleanroom swabs are no longer only in the dust-free and anti-static industry. They are also widely used in the beauty industry and ordinary families, articles for daily use.

1. The material composition of lint free cleanroom swabs:

Wipe the head: dust-free cloth, sponge foam head, fiber cotton head, etc.;

Cleanroom swab rod: green PP rod, transparent anti-static rod, black anti-static rod, white hollow plastic rod, wooden rod, paper rod, etc.

2. The style of lint free cleanroom swab stick: The types of wiping heads are divided into: pointed, flat, oval, square, round, slender and hard, double, single, and round.

Cleanliness of lint free cleanroom swab stick: 100-class clean room treatment process, the cleanliness level of the swab stick can reach the cleanliness requirements of 100-class clean room.

Performance: resistant to alcohol, formaldehyde, grease and other chemical solvents, wear-resistant, soft, and strong in decontamination.

Dust-sticking performance: All wipe heads are made of high-quality dust-free or sponge, with strong dust-absorbing ability.

Dust-free wiper rod edge sealing: Using high-quality edge sealing technology, there will be no loose fibers or particles on the sealing edge, and the seams will be tight after one-time molding, without fiber or hair loss.

Connection method: purely physical method is used to directly bond the wiper bar to the wiper head without any chemical adhesive.

The plastic surgery process in the beauty industry is carried out in a clean room, and the environmental requirements are very strict. To ensure a dust-free environment, during the scrubbing process, ordinary cotton swabs cannot meet the requirements, because ordinary cotton swabs have not undergone special processing procedures Processing, so it is not doing well in terms of dust-free. Therefore, in this regard, lint free cleanroom swabs have become the first choice.

Therefore, in the future market, lint free cleanroom swabs will also be subdivided, and different  lint free cleanroom swabs will be developed for different purposes in different industries. Lint free cleanroom swabs are indeed cleaner and more suitable for occasions with higher hygiene requirements.

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