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What is oral swab? How to use it?

What is oral swab? How to use it?


Oral swab is just similar to our daily cotton swab, but it is a product used to extract DNA. The swab is stretched into the cavity, hung back and forth on the inner wall of the oral cavity many times, packaged and sent to the testing agency for testing.

The principle is to collect oral epithelial mucosal cells, and complete DNA identification by detecting the DNA in these cells.

The oral swab has developed a product that collects microbial DNA from saliva. This is an integrated system update that can collect, stabilize, transport, and purify DNA from saliva, providing a painless and risk-free new way to collect microbial DNA for disease control and prevention.

Oral swabs have the same test data as blood. They are painless and very scientific and credible. Many gene companies are recommending oral mucosa. A large number of clinical trials of oral swabs in foreign countries have shown that: compared with ordinary sterile swabs, nylon flocked swabs have a better effect on the collection and transportation of clinical biological samples, especially for those who cannot be sent for inspection in time, and the time is too long. This is especially true for long samples.

Sampling swabs can be divided into throat swabs, oral swabs, DNA swabs, and cervical swabs according to different uses, and can be used by various laboratory testing centers and hospitals.

How to use oral swabs:

1. 30 minutes before sampling, do not eat, smoke, drink, etc.

(1) Prepare a glass of water, drink about 50ml of water and rinse your mouth for about 10 seconds, then vomit;

(2) Repeat the above steps 2-3 times.

2. Sampling

(1) Tear open the outer packaging of the oral swab and take out the oral swab carefully (note: the swab part should not be touched by the hand during the whole sampling process).

(2) Hold the handle, extend the swab into the left mouth, make the head of the swab fully contact the mucous membrane of the left cheek/left upper and lower gums, rub it up and down with the strength of brushing, while rotating the swab Fully contact the swab head with the oral mucosa, repeat this action for 1 minute.

(3) Use the same method to sample the second swab on the mucosa of the right cheek/right upper and lower gums.

(4) Put the swab stained with oral exfoliated cells in a clean and ventilated place for at least one hour until it is dry, and put it back into the collection tube to complete the sampling.

3. After sampling

(1) After filling in your name on the label of the collection tube, put the collection tube into a ziplock bag, and then register your relevant information on the front label of the ziplock bag: name, gender, age, date of collection.

(2) Please carefully fill in the relevant information on the registration form for submission. If you choose to test anonymously, please fill in the barcode number on the registration form for inspection.

(3) Send the ziplock bag with the collection tube and the registration form for inspection to the testing agency at room temperature.

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