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What is the difference between flocked swab and cleanroom swab?

What is the difference between flocked swab and cleanroom swab?


Cleanroom Swab

Cleanroom cotton swabs are a kind of clean room cleaning consumables produced in the clean room. And the cleanroom purification cotton swabs must strictly comply with the various production requirements of the clean room, but due to the difference in material and production process, they are also divided into different grades. Its grade is compatible with the grade of clean room.

Flocked swab

The flocked swab is composed of a handle, a connecting rod and a sampling head. The long handle is easy to hold and can be adjusted back and forth while holding it, which is suitable for different people. The soft and slender connecting rod can effectively protect the sampled tissue from damage. The sampling head is composed of fluff and viscose, which is harmless to the human body and microorganisms, and can maximize the collection and release of samples. Flocking swabs and supporting collection tubes and transport tubes constitute the sample collection system!


Medical nylon flocked swabs are specially used for sample collection, and cotton swabs can also be used for sample collection, but the number of samples collected and the collection effect of the two cannot be compared. Nylon flocked swabs are used in the medical industry, such as collecting human mouth, nose, throat, cervix and other liquid microorganisms, DNA, viruses, bacteria, etc., while cotton swabs are used in industrial cleaning, such as wiping camera lenses, which are very small The gap, hard disk, magnetic head, microscope, instrumentation, optical and optoelectronic products, printer head.

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