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What Is The Sticky Mat In The Cleanroom Used For?

What Is The Sticky Mat In The Cleanroom Used For?


What Is Cleanroom Sticky Mat?

Cleanroom sticky mat, also known as cleanroom adhesive floor mat, is mostly used at the entrance and buffer zone of dust-free clean areas. In daily life, put it at the door to reduce the intake of fine dust at home, achieve the effect of simple dust removal, and solve the problem that other floor mats cannot ensure that dust does not spread if the dust removal is not complete. No glue, no smell, non-toxic. Tear off for ease of use. Each layer is coated with a unique high- or low-viscosity adhesive, and the product size is suitable for different places. The digital label is convenient for the separation between the sheets. The multi-layer, straight-edge sticky floor mat can quickly and effectively remove the dust carried by the wheels and soles of the transportation vehicle, keep the environment clean, and is easy to use. If the surface layer is polluted, tear off the layer.

Material Of Cleanroom Sticky Mat

Material: The cleanroom tacky mat actually has 32 layers, of which 30 layers have a number label of 1-30 or 30-1 on the left or lower right corner for easy replacement. The first layer is made of glue-free PE transparent film + 29 layers of glue-coated PE film (usually sky blue, other colors can be customized) + 1 layer of glue-coated double-sided PE sky blue protective film, the first layer of the double-sided film It's sky blue with a number label of 30 or 1 on it. The 2nd layer is a transparent adhesive-free PE film. Each layer of 29 layers of adhesive PE film has a number label of 1-29 or 29-1.

Sticky Mats are made by high quality low density polyethylene materials and water-based adhesive. Cleanroom mats are tacky mats that help trap impurities for locations that require stringent dust and dirt control. Our cleanroom sticky mats feature a tacky surface which removes dirt and dust from shoe surfaces before they can contaminate a "clean room."
Sticky mats can capture and remove the last traces of contamination on shoes or wheels effectively at entrances of regulated or critical areas.Several levels of tackiness are available for use with a variety of shoes and tooties.

Functions Of Cleanroom Sticky Mat

One of the most important functions of the sticky floor mat for clean room is to absorb dust particles. It is suitable for industries such as microelectronics, optoelectronics, solar energy, medicine, bioengineering, food, cosmetics, petrochemicals, etc. that are sensitive to electrostatic dust and have high requirements for cleanliness.

Adhesive cleanroom sticky mats are one of the daily consumables in the clean room and have the following functions.

1. The sticky mat can effectively prevent pollutants and particles from entering the demanding working environment due to the flow of personnel, and keep the working environment clean.

2. It is mainly stuck at the entrance of the clean room or the buffer zone, which can effectively clean and remove the dust pollution on the soles and heels (or wheels).

3. Minimize the impact of dust on the quality of the purified environment, so as to achieve the effect of simple dust removal, solve the problem of incomplete dust removal of other floor mats, and cannot ensure that the dust does not spread.

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