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Where to buy FOAM swabs?

Where to buy FOAM swabs?


Buy FOAM Swabs From Us, Enjoy One-Stop Service!

What are foam swabs?

A foam swab is a handheld device that includes a short handle and a small foam tip. Most foam swabs are made from hydrophilic or waterproof reticulated polyurethane foam. The tip of the swab can be rectangular or round, depending on its intended use. Sterile foam swabs can be individually packaged, single-use, and usually latex-free. Foam swabs can be used to clean wounds, collect biological samples, and clean delicate electronics.

Foam swabs are commonly used to collect buccal or buccal cells to identify deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) in laboratory tests. This foam is ideal for fast collection and release of cells. Some cutters of the swab can easily break into the sample collection container. They are also commonly used for sterilization before surgery and to absorb small amounts of bodily fluids during surgery.

These are also commonly used to remove dust from electronic equipment. Many ATM technicians use foam swabs to clean the inside of the ATM. Keyboards, cameras and digital printers can be cleaned in foam swabs.

Get foam swabs from Cleanmo Swabs Manufacturer!

Shenzhen Cleanmo Technology Co., Ltd. and Cleanmo International ( HK ) Co., Limited have been actively engaged in the manufacture of Cleanroom, Esd Consumables, Static Control Products and Industrial and Hospital Consumables. Our products are used in the electronics, semiconductors, Hard disk drives, Optics-electronics, TFT-LCD, IC, SMT and PCB and medical, pharmaceutical, food processing and biotech industries.Cleanmo group has an extensive product range. We are continually striving to update and develop new products across these scopes, offering our customers superior quality products with up to the minute technological designs at cost effective prices. Our main businesses are Cleanroom & ESD Swabs, Clean room CCD Swabs, Clean room PE/PO bags, Cleanroom wipes, Cleaning Cards, Zebra Cleaning  Kits and Sticky mats. Testing and Statistical AnalysisWe are using our latest FTIR, IC and LPC testing equipment, operated by experienced and qualified QA engineers. All critical aspects of contamination control are tested, such as Nvr, Ion Contamination, Absorbency, Particle Count and Extractables. We post all testing reports onto our website.Cleanmo Cleanroom and ESD Swabs are very good quality and much lower price.Now, world economy is suffering from the influence of the financial crisis, every company try to reduce the production cost, I think it is a good chance for your business picking up just begin our cooperation.

There are so many models of foam swabs, each swabs corresponds to several optimal cleaning solutions, with our rich experience and your cleaning situation, we can give you the best option and suggest best swabs to you. Welcome to contact us to get your best scheme.

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