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Sunshine Coast, Spring Blossoms, Watch The Sea Together

Sunshine Coast, Spring Blossoms, Watch The Sea Together


In order to enrich the cultural life of the staff and stimulate their work enthusiasm, the company organized a sightseeing tour to Sanya, Hainan in April.


During the three-day trip, we visited Wuzhizhou Island, Yalong Bay, a tropical forest park, Rose Valley, etc. Our employees enjoyed the local history, humanities and natural landscape. In Sanya, we walked on the seashore and sighed at the beauty of nature with the sea and sky; we shuttled through the tropical rainforest and felt the different tropical style.

Along the way, colleagues frequently pressed the camera shutter, gathered the picturesque scenery with the lens, and fixed the wonderful moments with their hearts, showing the team spirit of harmony, happiness and vitality.

"Working hard, Enjoying life" is exactly what our company expects from its employees. Through a short period of relaxation, we can work harder and hope to bring better products and services to all customers, so that everyone can live happily.

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