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Take You On A Tour Of The Cleanmo Factory

Take You On A Tour Of The Cleanmo Factory


Hello, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to visit our factory through the website.You can also click the text here to watch the video directly.

Our factory mainly has three production modules: cleanroom wipe,cleanroom swab  and cleaning card.The following will take you around in turn.

Cleanroom wipe Production Workshop  
Cleanroom wipe laser cutting workshop
Ultrasonic Workshop
Cleanroom paper cutting workshop
Cleanroom wipe Lab
  • In the laboratory, we can detect the residue of substances, the number of ions carried and other data, which enables us to provide better products, can perfectly meet the requirements of customers.

LPC Test
IC Test
NVR Test
P&C Lab
Here we can do all kinds of experiments, including the tension test of cleanroom wipe, the reaction of cleanroom wipe in various liquids, etc
Cleanroom Swab Production Workshop
Swab thermal bonded room
Class 10 Cleanroom
Cleaning Card Production Workshop
                             Cleaning card manufacturing shop
                                       Cleaning card packing room
EDI System
Shofor Business

We'll finish our factory tour here.If you have any questions or need products, you can send an inquiry to contact us immediately!

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