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What is a foam swab?

What is a foam swab?


The foam swab is a handheld device, including a short handle and a small foam tip. Most foam swabs are made of a mesh polyurethane foam which is hydrophilic or water resistant. The tip of the swab can be a rectangular or circular, depending on its expected use. Sterile foam swabs can be packaged separately with a one-time use and usually free of latex. Foam swabs can be used to clean the wound, collect biological samples, and clean precision electronic equipment.

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Medical professionals often use sterile foam swabs for wound care. Unique hydrophilic polyurethane medical foam cotton swabs can resist bacterial and fungi pollution. Aseptic foam swabs can be used to partially wound dressings. Foam swabs are also used to remove exudates from healing wounds without leaving any residue in the wound.

Most dentists will use foam swabs regularly. The foam swab is used to apply anesthesis to the oral tissue and absorb excess liquid. After adding the filler into the teeth, it can be used to gently wipe off the residual amalgam.

Foam swabs are typically used to collect oral or oral cells to identify deoxyribonucleic acids (DNAs) in laboratory tests. This foam is an ideal choice for rapid collection and release cells. Some cutters of the swab easily break into the specimen collection container. They are also commonly used in sterilization before surgery and absorb a small amount of body fluid during surgery.

These are also commonly used to remove dust on the electronic device. Many ATMs (ATM) technicians use foam swabs to clean the inside of ATM. Keyboard, camera and digital printers can be cleaned inside the foam swab.

A special function for cleaning the laboratory equipment is that there is a hidden container in the handle. The clean solution is stored in the hollow space of the handle. When a foam swab is needed, the solution is manually released into the suction head.

Many medical devices and special laboratory equipment are cleaned with foam swabs to keep precision electronic devices located within the machine. The windowless foam swab is the ideal choice for cleaning, and does not leave any harmful residual substances. Some technicians use foam swabs when assembling and repairing medical equipment.

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