DNA oral (nasal) swab sampling kit

by:Cleanmo      2022-10-08

Painless/Non-invasive DNA Oral Swab Kit

Single pack, single pack, double pack, 3 packs, 4 packs.

Collection process:

1. According to the prompt, carefully remove the collection swab from the sterile packaging bag with the swab (hands should not touch the absorbent cotton during the sampling process)

2. Hold the handle, insert the swab into the mouth, and scrape back and forth against the inside of one cheek for more than 20 times (rotate the cotton swab from time to time to fully contact the oral mucosa).

3. After sampling, open the sampling tube, break the swab with the exfoliated cells from the mouth at the annular fold about 2cm from the head of the swab, drop the swab into the sampling tube, and screw the cap tightly.


1. This method is suitable for collecting oral cell samples from people of any age.

2. Please do not eat, smoke, or drink alcohol 30 minutes before sampling to avoid contamination of the collected samples.

3. The liquid in the sampling tube should not come into contact with the oral cavity, and the liquid in the sampling tube should not be dipped with a sampling swab before sampling; to sample;

4. The sampling swab head should not touch other objects except the oral cavity to avoid contamination.

Storage: normal temperature

Flocked swab comparison:

Implanted nylon swabs: superior sample collection/release capacity, release rate>80%

Regular fiber swabs:

The sample is trapped by the gaps in the fiber mass, that is, the sample is penetrated, diluted, and trapped within the fibers. The acquisition is slow, the release is even slower.

The time for flocking swabs to collect samples is 3-5 seconds, while the time for cotton swabs is 15-120 seconds, or even longer, which causes pressure on staff during the diagnosis process. Only faster sample extraction can complete the collection and analysis more efficiently.

Features of flocked swabs

1. Made of non-inhibitory DNA amplification materials, verified by direct PCR amplification, omitting the extraction step.

2. Use a single independent packaging to avoid pollution.

3. Strict process conditions, free of DNase and amplifiable human DNA.

4. The tube body is transparent, and the condition of the inspection material is directly visible.

5. The unique patented casing design ensures the air circulation in the casing, prevents the test material from mildew due to the humid and sealed environment, and avoids magazine contamination in the external air, which affects the inspection quality.

Product advantages:

1. It is specially designed for DNA trace samples, especially for sweat, semen, blood, dandruff, oral cells and other trace samples with superior collection performance.

2. It can quickly adsorb trace samples and has high release efficiency.

3. The front end is sharper, which is suitable for the extraction of cells from the fingernails of crime scene victims or criminal suspects.

4. The rear end of the swab can be broken off, which is conducive to the extraction of samples by an automated extraction workstation.

5. The whole swab is packaged in a clear plastic tube to avoid biological contamination.
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