Rhinitis cotton swab, small size, big use

by:Cleanmo      2022-07-23

Rhinitis swabs, which can eliminate contaminants and keep clean in the special environment of the production process (the wipes cannot be wiped). Low chemical residue after wiping. Combustible, clean swabs are the only choice for precise clean wipe applications. Easy to handle and environmentally friendly. Most cleaning swabs are conductive grade to keep the operator and tool grounded. Applicable to 10-level purification workshop, the packaging is different.

There is a substantial difference between a dust-free wiping stick and a cotton swab. The cotton swab head is made of cotton, which cannot be cleaned without dust, and may be scraped off during the wiping process. As for the dust-free wiper, the material of the head is divided into two types: sponge head and cloth head. They are all cleaned and packaged in a clean room. Therefore, in a high-grade dust-free environment, the wiping consumables used must be above 100 grades. , only the wiping cloth and wiping stick can meet the requirements, while the wiping paper and cotton swab can only be used for product wiping in ordinary environments.

Rhinitis cotton swabs are one type of cotton swabs, which are mainly used for the treatment of rhinitis. Such products are of extremely hygienic type.
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